October 04, 2010

The cuts have begun - GOOD

I expected that the reactionary left would oppose the reforms. Unthinking opposition is simply what they do. However I am little disappointed that DK opposed this reduction in the Welfare State, even if it is so tiny.

Everybody must realise that there is no magic pony that shits gold secreted in deep in the bowls of Whitehall. There is no money left. The government has to spend less. Running such a huge deficit forever is simply not an option. If you have to cut somewhere it is probably best to take the cost of a couple bottles of nice wine off those earning almost twice the average salary so that you do not have to take so much off those where this is the difference between eating and not.

However that isn’t all, George has placed a cap on the amount that you can take the benefits system for. That means the chav scum that spread their legs for a living are going to find that they now have a limit on the amount they can earn from their chosen career.


Blogger Lord Blagger said...

What do you expect?

People to be grateful to pay all that tax, and get nothing back in return?

We are not tax cash cows.

Why should someone get 25K in benefits at the expense of someone on minimum wage?

Lets say median wage is 25K. Lets set the poverty t5hreshold at 50% of median wage. That's 12.5K a year.

Net wage on 12.5K is 10,549.20 pounds a year.

Cap benefits at that level.

9:44 pm  
Blogger chris said...

It would be better to pay less tax in the first place than having to beg for scraps from the master's table. However since there is no money left taxes are going to have to go up (borrowing is nothing but deferred taxation) and spending go down. I would rather that the spending that is left be directed at something other than a couple more bottles of (New Zealand) wine for those already earning more than 89% of the rest of the country. Plus if it teaches the Paying Class that the state will not be there for them it will help with the fight for getting those tax cuts.

The benefits cap is a beginning and hopefully in time will come down to more of the level that you are talking about making the Welfare State what it should be, a safety net, rather than what it is, a hammock.

2:27 pm  

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